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5. Friday 10th July 2020


Whoop whoop- it's Friday again. I am looking forward to seeing all the home learners for lunch later- I've  got an elephant task for us to complete. a quick elephant joke to start the morning- how do you stop an elephant from smelling? Tie a knot in his trunk (boom, boom). Terrible joke- when you come for lunch later have an elephant joke ready for us!

Start today by asking an adult to test you on your spellings. 

Today we are going to finish reading The Firework Maker's Daughter. That last part is in 4 videos!

Part 1- read here

Part 2- read here

Part 3- read here

Part 4- phew!

I have really enjoyed reading it with you, as our third and final book of year 5. Today we are going to complete a book review on the book, as our final task. 

I would like you to divide you review into four headings. 

Characters- Think about the following questions as you are writing- Who were the main characters? What were they like? Did you like them? How did they make you feel?

Plot- Think about these questions as you are writing- What happens? Can you summarise the story/ Try not to give away the ending. 

Your Opinion- Think about these questions as you are writing- Did you like the book? What was your favourite part and why? Were there any funny or scary parts to the story? What other emotions did the story make you feel? Did you learn anything?

Recommend? Why or why not?

Next complete your maths tasks for this week. Start with an arithmetic test- it is attached at the bottom of the page. 

Your final maths task this week is to looking at translating shapes- moving them up, down, left and right. Click here to watch a video to help you. The resources are added at the bottom of the page. 

Then it's time for lunch- see you at 12:30. 

Lots of love- Mrs O'Neil