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5. Friday

Good morning Year 2, and a very very very happy Friday! Our last Friday in Year 2, I just can't believe it! 

You have been absolutely phenomenal at keeping busy with school learning whilst at home, sending in work, creating art, cooking delicious feasts, and working as hard as you do when you are in school. A huge pat on the back to you all, and also to your fabulous parents who have supported you and the school the whole way through these funny times! 

I think you've all earned a nice Friday, don't you?

So today, I would like you to:

1. Play a game

2. Watch a movie

3. Eat a treat

4. Read your favourite book

5. See a friend (or a few!)

6. Draw, paint, colour, create! 

7. Dance to your favourite song over and over again

8. All of the above!

Enjoy your very last day in Key Stage 1, have lots of fun, and more importantly have a brilliant Summer! Thank you for all of the fun Fridays, you have been a wonder class and I've really enjoyed teaching and learning with you. I can't wait to see you all in your Key Stage 2 uniform, get practising that tie! 

With lots of love,

Mrs Ferryman