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5. Friday

Good morning Year 2, happy Friday!

Click here to see this week's Guided Reading video, the second part of The Mousehole Cat. This week it is all about getting to know Mowzer and Tom a little better.


In the video I tell you about an activity that you can do, and there are also some questions below for you to try too, as well as some character profile templates. Next week in guided reading you will need some art supplies, I am looking forward to it already! You will only need whatever you would normally do art work with, it can be pencils, pastels, paints, pens, collage, whatever you have! 

For maths today I would like you to do some investigating! You have been practising your multiplication skills, but have also been looking at odd and even numbers. So for your challenge today, I would like you to read these two sentences:

1. If you multiply two even numbers together, the answer will always be even.

2. If you multiply two odd numbers together, the answer will always be odd.

Now, can you find out if these sentences are true or false? Think about how you could do this, is it enough to just try one multiplication to prove your answer?

As an extra challenge, can you find out what your answer will be if you multiply one odd number by one even number? 

This afternoon, have a look at the whole school learning page and do something that you haven't done yet this week. Have fun with it!

I hope to see some of you at our live story today at 1.30pm

Have a great weekend,
Mrs Ferryman