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5. Friday

Hello Year 2, happy Friday!

It's time for our first Guided Reading session with our new book, The Mousehole Cat.


(If anybody has ever been to this part of Cornwall and has any photos, please let me know!)

Guided reading is a great way of engaging with books in a different way to normal. We usually read the book in groups, reading a small section each and help each other if we get stuck. We might focus on the setting, vocabulary, predicting what might happen next, sequence the story, even do art work related to the story. Instead, each week I will read a little bit of the story to you, and then you can do an activity which links to the part that we have just read, just like in normal Guided Reading! This week we are going look at pages 1-4 of the book, there are always lots of conversations to be had when we start a new book, so we will only read a few pages this week! Click  here to see me reading it to you, or read it with someone in your house if you prefer. 

Then, there are some questions about pages 1-4 for you to have a go at. You can either write your answers or talk about them together. (There is a Word and a PDF version).

For maths today, apply all of your brilliant times tables knowledge to some word problems! If you need a little warm up, why not play my favourite maths game, Hit The Button! Then, choose a few word problems from the sheets below. Make sure that you choose some from the 2s, 5s, and 10 times tables. Word problems can seem a bit tricky at first so make it practical, draw things out, use objects to help you make the groups, anything to help you to get your answer. As a challenge, can you show me how you worked your answer out, and maybe write the number sentence for each one? 

Finally, choose something from our Whole School Learning page. The PSHE activities are a great way to connect with others and stay positive in these funny old times, but choose any lesson that you haven't already done this week.

I hope to see lots of you for our live story at the new time of 2pm.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs Ferryman