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5. Friday

Hello Year One, another Friday and only one more week until half term! 

Today we have Maths, Phonics and Science to keep us busy!

Please join me at 8.35 to hear about our maths and our phonics.


In maths today you will be comparing number sentences using tens frames to help you. I will show you how to do this on our call at 8.40, but here are some other examples in case you need some extra help. 

In phonics we are going to look at the e_e sound. The split digraphs are my favourite sounds to learn about, they're so clever! There is a short video here to help you this week, we will go over some words together on my morning call too. Here is a link to a great game where you can practise reading words that contain the e_e sound. Click on start, then phase 5, and then the e_e sound. You have to drag the real words to the treasure chest, and the fake words to the bin!


Please join me at 11 o'clock for this week's Science, and to find out who our Scientists of the Week are! 

This week is all about using what you know about different materials to decide which material would be best for a rocket!  Here is a video to get you started. You will need to decide what your rocket will need to be (strong, waterproof, see through?) and then test different materials in your house to see if they would be the right material for the job.


I thought I would try something a bit different this week. I will read a story live on teams at 1.15. Please feel free to join me if you would like to, you can even bring your lunch! 

Have a great weekend Year One, see you next week :)