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5. Friday

Good morning Year 1, another Friday already! 

Well done for all of your super work this week, I have given you a feedback sheet for the Science and Connect lessons that we did together last Friday, see if you can find it in your One Drive folder.

Today we have Maths, Phonics and Science to do.

Please join me at 8.35 on Teams to hear about our Maths and today's phonics sound. 


In Maths today we are working on your subtraction skills, looking at bar models and questions which ask 'how many more?' I will show you an example on our call, and there is also a video here of me showing you three more examples.The sheets for the maths work are below, please choose the right one for your child's group.

Today's sound is 'oe'. Here is a link to a video for this sound. If you would like to do an 'oe activity on paper, there is one below. Or why not see if you can build some 'oe' words using play dough? Click here for a super easy recipe for quick and easy no-cook play dough. 

Please join me at 11 on Teams to hear about our Science.


In Science today I would like you to investigate shadows. What do you already know about shadows? This video will tell you a little bit more, it will even tell you how shadows are different on other planets! I'd like you to have a go at making your own shadow puppets, and investigating what happens to the shadow when you put some holes in the puppet. Can you predict what you think will happen before you have a go? You can make any shadow puppet you like, or there is a template for you to cut out below.

Finally Year One, here is another story for you featuring another special guest! Don't worry, this one isn't as mischievous as Bear! 

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week :-)