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5. Friday

Good morning Year 1, and a very happy Friday to all of you! Well done for all of your super work this week, next week I will be adding a Science or a Connect comment to your feedback sheet so keep an eye out for it!

Today we are doing some Maths, Phonics, and Science, and then don’t forget to do some choosing this afternoon! There is also a very special story for this week with a very special guest…


Please join me at 8.35 on Teams for your maths input. In maths today you are going to practice all of your new addition and subtraction skills using playing cards! Don’t worry if you don’t have any at home, there are some for you to cut out below, or you can click here to go to a website which will choose playing cards at random for you. You can set it to choose as many cards as you need each time. Here are three ways you can use playing cards to practice your addition and subtraction:

  1. Choose two cards and create your own addition and subtraction number sentences. For an extra challenge, can you try this with three cards?
  2. With a partner, you both take two cards from a face down pile. Whoever has the greatest total is the winner!
  3. Can you find all of the ways to use your cards to make 10? You can use as many cards as you wish.


Today’s sound is the ‘aw’ sound. Here is the link to the video for today’s lesson, you can start watching it from the beginning if you want some practice, or the new sound begins at 7.26. There is an extra activity for you below if you would like it.



Please join me at 11 o'clock on Teams for your Science input. This is my favourite lesson of the day! Today I would like you to practise learning the order of the planets in our solar system. 


You can choose from three activities to help you do this.

  1. Make a mobile of the planets using the sheet below
  2. Write a new poem for helping you to remember the order of the planets, a poem like this is called a mnemonic.  There is an example below. 
  3. Complete the cut and stick activity to help you to remember the order of the planets.

As an extra challenge, can you find out how the planets move around the sun, and see if you can show this in an interesting way? In school, we have done this by pretending to be the planets and carefully spinning around a person who was pretending to be the sun!

Finally, here is the link to this week’s story. This week I am joined by a VERY special guest who helped me to read the story… well he helped me for a little while but then it all goes a bit wrong! They do say never work with children or animals, but so far children have never done this whilst I've been reading a story! I hope it brings you a smile this afternoon as much as it did for me.

Enjoy your afternoon of choosing Year One and have a great weekend, see you next week! :)