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4.Thursday 21th May

Good Morning Year 2, 

It's nearly half term!!! Here are today's tasks:

Mathematics- Add and Subtract Ones Video Link

English- Write up your letter as if you are the snail telling one of his friends about his adventure. Use your planning sheet from yesterday to help you. 

Things you need to include in your letter:

  • Write in the first person (you are the snail) 
  • Write about the events in the order they happened
  • Choose exciting words to describe things
  • Use lots of different types of punctuation (A.,?!')
  • When you have finished re-read your letter and use an editing pen to spot any mistakes and change them

A little challenge for you- Can you use an apostrophe for possession in your writing today?

Remember to email me your writing so I can give you feedback on your work. 

Topic Work- Film your sea animal facts and send me your video. It is up to you how you want to present this and you might have planned this last week. I am looking forward to seeing the different videos. 

Have a lovely well deserved half term, 

Mrs Osborn 

**Tomorrow in an INSET day, Mrs Ferryman will put up optional tasks should you wish to use them**