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4.Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Year 2, 

Mathematics today is four operations with length.    Video Link 

English- Write up your booklet about sea animals from the Great Barrier Reef. See the attachment below. In your booklet make sure you are using headings, subheading, facts about your sea animals and a picture of your sea animal. Make sure you write in full sentences. I will upload my example before today. Print out two copies of the attachment, you will be able to put them together as a booklet and have a front page that is blank. You will then have enough space to write up about four sea animals if you did four, if you found out about three just leave the last page blank. 

Topic- Start the plan your video about your sea animal from the Great Barrier Reef, choose one of the animals you found out about in English.

How will you present your video about your sea animal? Will you show any pictures, maps to help you with your presentation? If you want any pictures or maps spend this week getting them ready and write down what you want to say.  Or maybe you will want to use your Great Barrier Reef you made in DT. You could use this to film it from with a stick puppet of your animal. It is totally up to you how you want to present the information about your sea animal. Remember this is over 2 weeks, next week you will be filming it, so don't feel like you have to get it all done today.