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Good Morning Year 2,

Today in English I would like you to write up your postcard. Remember to write as if you are living in the past. Write about what you did on your seaside day and what you are hoping to do later. 

In your Postcard include the following:

  • Write in the past tense/present when saying what you are going to do later
  • Use different conjunctions to join your sentences
  • Use a range of punctuation
  • Use a exciting adjectives and verbs in your postcard

Challenge- Is to see if you can join your handwriting up.

Once you have finished, cut your postcard out and then you can decorate the front of the postcard. 

For Mathematics please watch this video Video Link and complete the sheet odd and even.  If you want a challenge after you have completed the sheet emailed out, then try the 'Year 2 diving into mastery...' activity cards attached below and try the deeper and deepest activity cards. 

Please choose a task on the whole school learning page  for this afternoon. 

Remember to email me your work. 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn