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Good Morning Year 2,

Today in Mathematics I would like you to complete the '5 times tables' sheet. Here is the Video Link to go with the sheet. The sheet was emailed to you. 

If you would like to try a different option click on the attachment 'Year 2 diving into mastery the 5 times tables...'

In English today please write up your leaflet encouraging people to visit St.Ives. Please focus on your handwriting ( I have uploaded a letter formation card to remind you how you should be forming your letters) and make sure you include the corrections from yesterday. You can either draw pictures or print some out to put on your leaflet. The template in blank so that you can add in your own headings if you changed them yesterday. 

Choose a task from the Whole School Learning page for this afternoon. 

Please email me your child's work, I love to see what the children have been upto. This also gives me an opportunity to provide your child with feedback on their writing and pitch the work at the right level for the next week. 

If you email me something you do not want on the website, please just tell me in the email and I will not upload it. 

Thank you, 

Mrs Osborn