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Good Morning Year 1, 

It's the last day of home learning, I am so looking forward to seeing you all in school on Monday! I have been busy getting our classroom ready for you all:)

Today's phonics is the alternative pronunciation for grapheme 'er'. I would like you to sort the cards into the different 'er' sounds one is short and one is long when you make the sound. See attachment below. 

Please join me on Teams at 8:40 to explain today's work. 

In Mathematics we will be learning to count in multiples of 5. Click here  to learn how to count in 5's. Please complete the sheet 'Worksheet count in 5s Thursday'. 

I will be on Teams at 9:30 to hear my Thursday reading group. 

Please join me on Teams at 11am to explain today's English. Mrs Hadley has made a rhyming bingo/matching game for you to play. 

This game can either be played as bingo for up to 2 players – the first 3 pages are the players boards and the following 3 are the words to be read aloud. Or this can be played as a matching game using all 6 pages. See if you can match all the words with their rhyming partners from the book or set yourself a challenge and face them all down on a table and see who can find the most pairs. There are some tricky ones as not all the words have the same letters to create the same sounds!

This afternoon is your DT cooking lesson. Please join the Teams call at 1 to join in with the session. Below is a reminder of the ingredients you will need. I sent out a separate email for the new Teams link for this call as Year 2 will be joining in as well. I have attached the recipe and instructions below as an attachment. 

The ingredients needed for this are:

1 packet of udon (comes in a pack of 2)
320g of mini chicken fillet or chicken breast
1 sweetheart cabbage
1 red onion
3 tbsp of soya sauce
3 tbsp of water
2 tsp of sugar
2 gloves of garlic

For the best chicken flavour, we should try and marinate the chicken fillet/breast overnight.

Marinade is made up of:
1 tbsp sesame oil
2tbsp soya sauce
1 tsp sugar

Click here for a lovely story time from Mrs Hadley she is reading a book called 'A World Made a Rainbow' by Michelle Robinson. It brought a tear to my eye when I listened to it. We are all so excited to see you all on Monday. 

See you all Monday, 

Mrs Osborn 

P.S I will send an email out with the things for you to bring back to school with you on Monday.