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Good Morning, 

Please join me on Teams at 8:40 to explain the Mathematics for today. It is a practical lesson and the child will be comparing numbers to 50. We will recap the more and less than comparison symbol. Making our own number cards to compare and write down two number sentences both ways. I will go over this on the Teams call. 

I will be on Teams at 9:30 and 9:45 for today's reading groups. 

I am unable to join the 11 o'clock teams call today, click here to see the letters and sounds phonics session instead. The children will be learning about the alternative sound for 'g'. Reading words and writing these in sentences. 

English- Write a book review about 'The Great Race' by Emily Hiles. It is the book we have been reading this week. The book review template was in your pack. I have attached a document below as well. Tell me your favourite part of the story and draw a picture of your favourite part as well. Click here to listen to the story again. 

Please join Mrs Ferryman on Teams at 12:40 for your Connect lesson. 

In Connect today we will be starting our new topic called 'Connecting With Others'. This is perfect timing for us all being back together very soon! In today's lesson we will think of ideas for our very own class friendship code. Before the lesson, watch this 40 second clip for some great ideas!