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4. Thursday 9th July

1. Phonics- please follow lesson 19 on our phonics page

2. Writing

Write a setting description about the Island of Struay.

Look at the powerpoint of the Isle of Coll (which is the isle the fiction island of Struay is based on) and look at the map. 

Either write a paragraph about the setting using adjectives to describe

Or create an 'All about the Island of Struay' poster, using pictures and sentences to describe the Island.

3. Maths

Making numbers:

See presentation slides 'Lesson 4'

Use the picture cards on pages 3,4,5 to compare amounts. Stick the cards in your books putting the correct symbol in the middle. For an extra challenge write the numbers as digits and words below the pictures.


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects