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4. Thursday 7th May

Good Morning, 

Last day of home learning this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday and a very sunny one too!

English- Make your leaflet about saving our oceans. Use the plan from yesterday and fill in the attachment 'Save Our Oceans Leaflet'.  

Here is my example of the leaflet, when you are finished you can fold it to turn it into a leaflet. When your child has finished give them a different colour pen and see if they can spot any mistakes. Did they use capital letters and full stops? Did they use and before the last item on their list? 

Mathematics- Week 1- Lesson 3- Measuring length (cm) 

Topic- Make a poster about the Great Barrier Reef. 

Watch this short film about the Great Barrier Reef from Sir David Attenborough. Great Barrier Reef Video

For your poster use a plain piece of paper or a page in your exercise book. In your poster make sure you include:

  • A title
  • A picture
  • Where the Great Barrier Reef is (could include a map)
  • What it looks like
  • What is there (physical features) 
  • Any other information about it

I will be on purple mash 10-11am today, can you come on and tell me something you have found out about the Great Barrier Reef? 

As always please send in any work your child has done this week to 

Mrs Osborn