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4. Thursday 4th June

Purple mash blog is open this morning until 11am to vote for a story that you would like to hear today. I will upload it to this page before the end of the day.

1. Poetry- seaside poems

Objective: recognise adjectives in a poem. Look at the final poem on Tuesday's powerpoint 'Whale-dance'. Read it through and highlight, write down or discuss the adjectives. Reminder: an adjective describes a noun. (The answers are attached below for you to use to help your child).

Choice of activity, please choose one:

Choice 1: choose some features of a seaside e.g. a starfish, a sand castle, an ice cream, a beach, a rock etc. and draw them all on a piece of paper. Then write adjectives to describe the things you have drawn. Challenge: put your adjectives into a sentence. (Rhyme Zone is a good online tool to help if you are stuck to think of adjectives).