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4. Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning Year 5!

I hope that you are keeping well and have had a great week so far. I have been having fun doing science with my boys at home over the past week or so, doing the same activities that I have been setting as whole school learning. We made the salty snowflakes last week and the ice cream in a bag, which was fun. Next up will be the red cabbage chemistry. If you haven't checked out the science activities for this week, do have a look on the whole school learning science page as I am sure there will be something that catches your imagination!

I have uploaded today's SPaG and maths tasks below. I particularly hope you enjoy the maths task, in which will look at a piece of artwork by an artist called Kandinsky and use your angle skills to identify, measure and calculate angles in his artwork. When you have finished, see if you can find out about Kandinsky or some of his other artwork.

Have a wonderful day and join me, if you can, on the Y5 blog at 10.00 and 2.00!

Mrs Clay