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4. Thursday 2nd July

1. Phonics- please follow lesson 14 on our phonics page

2. Writing

BIG WRITE. I would like you to write a diary entry from the perspective of Grace Darling. This means you must use the word 'I' correctly in your writing. Remember when used on it's own, 'I' is always capital! Feel free to write your diary entry on the Grace Darling lined paper below or straight into your home learning book. Use the word mat below to help you spell tricky words correctly too. See if you can write for 20-25 minutes without stopping for a break! Then you can stop.

Don't forget to start your diary with 'Dear Diary...'

and finish 'From...'

3. Maths

Watch this short lesson about sharing and grouping in quarters. Then complete the activity below.


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects