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4. Thursday 25th June

Good morning Year 2, 

For Mathematics today we are going to be completing the sheet 'shape patterns'. Here is the video link to go with the sheet Video Link.I have attached a sheet below so the children can make up their own shape patterns if they want to when they have finished. 

In English today the children can rewrite the story the 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' from one of the characters point of view. They can choose from Mr Grinling, Mrs Grinling and the cat. Use the story map from yesterday to help you write the story. Please write the story in you book or you can used the themed paper in the attachment. 

The story must include:

  • Written in the first person as if you are one of the characters. 
  • Write about how the characters are feeling at different parts of the story. 
  • Use adverbs to describe verbs
  • Use a range of punctuation. 

Challenge is to use paragraphs when the time or place changes (start a new line). 

This afternoon please choose a task from the whole school learning page. 

Mrs Osborn