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4. Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning Year 5!

So, no more crazy duck tales this week. It seems it was just the Wisley ducks that have a gone a bit feral in lockdown, as our local ducks are much more well-behaved! This week we released our butterflies, which the boys had named Daisy, Old Man Joe, Bailey and Little Tim, oh...and my contribution was Bob (you know me: it's my go-to name). We really enjoyed raising them from caterpillars and it was lovely to see them fly off in the sun in our garden.

So, onto today's learning. I have uploaded today's SPaG task below, complete with explanation as usual.

The uploaded maths task is a series of problems for you to work through which will consolidate your learning on decimals, fractions and percentages (I know you have had some White Rose learning on percentages this week). The problems are around a common theme of a camping trip, but if you particularly struggle on one, you can skip and try the next one (you don't have to solve them in order). The final page of the PDF has the answers for an adult. Complete as many of the puzzles as you can in the time you have for your maths learning.

This afternoon, if you haven't already, have a look at some of my suggested whole school science or PSHE activities. Enjoy! I will be on the blog this morning at 10.00 and again this afternoon at 2.00 and hope to catch up with as many of you who are able to join me there.

Love Mrs Clay

PS I hope you spotted my 'baby' photo on the staff video: I was the one riding the coin-operated ostrich (Marwell Zoo, apparently, back in 1983). My hair was very curly back then!