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4. Thursday 18th June

1. Phonics- please follow lesson 4 on our phonics page

2. Writing

BIG WRITE: write a postcard to someone telling them all about the seaside in the past. I would like you to write the postcard in first person using 'I'. You can use yesterday's plan and a common exception word mat to help you but otherwise I would like this to be done independently. A postcard template is attached below.

I am looking for:

A capital letter for the word 'I'

Correct spelling of common exception words (parents can point to these on mat)

Neat handwriting

A full page of writing please 

  • Please send me a picture of your Big Write by 12pm Friday and I will try and get feedback out to you that afternoon.

3. Maths

Powerpoint slides 24-35. Use the clock you made yesterday to help provide answers.

Worksheet activity: recognise the times shown on the clock to the hour. Challenge: draw the hands on the clock to make the times shown but make sure the minute hand is longer than the hour hand!


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects