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4. Thursday 11th July 2020

Good morning Year 5! 

Wow, how are we now only two Thursdays from the end of term?! Our last Thursday together on the 19th March feels like a very long time ago now! I hope that you are all keeping well and am sure that you and your families are looking forward to some time without work and schooling over the summer.

So, today's SPaG and maths tasks have been uploaded below. As we have finished the Headstart stories and activities, I have found something different for this week and hope that you enjoy it! I have uploaded two versions: a black and white version and a colour version (described as being Eco Colour) if you would like to print the booklet off.

For maths, I have chosen some puzzles that will tie together your recent home learning on angles, polygons and reasoning about shapes. You should be familiar with the style of the task, so as before, do as much as you can and remember that you can tackle the puzzles in any order. In the afternoon, do check out the science or PSHE whole school learning suggestions for this week.

I will be on the Year 5 blog at 10.00 and again at 2.00 to say hello to anyone who is able to join me.

Have a lovely Thursday,

Mrs. Clay :)