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4. Thursday

Good Morning, 

Happy 6th Birthday to Molly!!!!! 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to explain today's work. 

I will be on teams at 9:30 and 9:45 to hear the Thursday's readers. 

Mathematics- The children will cut out the numbers and representations and stick them under the correct headings on the tables. If you want to try and extra challenge I have added some mastery cards below. 

Please join me on teams at 11am- We are going to be looking at real and nonsense words. I need your help sorting them! If you want to continue playing after the lesson, here is the link to Picnic on Pluto. Click here.

Space quiz- Mrs Hadley has made an end of topic space quiz. Click here to take part in the quiz and see what you can remember. The game pin is: 02353623

I will be on teams throughout the day to do the phonics assessments- Please just log on at your time. 


There will be no call for Connect today as Teams will be in use for the phonics assessments. Instead, here is a video explaining what I would like you to do for our final 'Give to Others' lesson. It is a lovely opportunity to wrap up our topic by reflecting on our learning and doing one last thing for someone else. In the video I mention a super simple recipe you might want to try to share with someone, it can be found here.