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4. Thursday

Good morning Year 1, 

Please join me on teams to 8:40 to talk about this morning's work. I will explain the pirate game below for Mathematics. 

For Mental Health week we are going to be getting active in our lessons today. 

In Maths I would like the children to play the game 'Pirate's Gold'.

To play the game you need to cut out the number cards and place them at the other end of the room or garden (weather permitted). This is the pirate's treasure chest.

The children need to run and collect two cards and bring them back. Can they add/subtract the two cards? They can do this mentally or use resources to help them if they need them. Do this for 5 minutes. 

If they get the answer right they get a piece of gold. 

Let me know how many pieces of gold your child gets in 5 minutes. I have attached the number cards below. If you want to make it easier for your child just put out the cards between 1-10. Or say to them pick a one digit number and a two digit number. 

Please join me on teams at 11 for our weekly phonics lesson reviewing the sounds learnt this week.  This will be an active lesson. 

I would like the children to have the phase 5 letter sounds they have learn so far around the room. I will play some music, when the music stops, I will say a sound for them to go and find. 

After this I wanted to review some of these sounds in words too. Can you write the words below on bits of paper. We will play the above game again, I will say the word for them to find and then need to bring it back to the screen. 

Words  to write down;

  • author
  • snake
  • time
  • August
  • game
  • amaze
  • like
  • slide
  • launch
  • prize

Please join Mrs Ferryman on teams at 1:30pm today instead of 12.40 to find out what the children will be doing in today's Connect lesson. Here is a relaxing body scan that you could do before our lesson. (If this clashes with a sibling's check in time then our session will be recorded so you can watch it back).

Today is all about how we can help out in our local area. We will have a quick chat about different things that we can do in our community, and then you can choose from two activities.