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4. Thursday

Good Morning Year 1, 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to explain the work this morning and say good morning.

Let's start the day with a story, I am so excited to share this website I have found. It is called 'Story Time From Space'. You will be watching a video of an astronaut reading a book from space!!!!!! Click here The book today is called 'Mousestronaut', I hope you like it. 

Today we are going to be doing Mathematics first today 'Subtraction, not crossing 10'. Click Here to see the Power Point video.Then complete the sheets attached, please see the stars on the top of the sheet. See below: 

Circles- 1 star sheet

Triangles, squares and rectangles- 2 star sheet

Stars and Hexagons- 3 star sheet

Please join me on teams at 11 for our whole class phonics session, we will be reviewing the sounds already taught. Please bring along; whiteboard, pen, sound cards, phase 5 sound mat. I look forward to seeing you all then. I really enjoyed our last phonics session like this. 

Mrs Ferryman will be with you at 12:40 on teams to explain this afternoon's Connect PSHE work.

This week's Connect lesson is all about how we can help others, and how that can make us feel. If you want to, you can watch this song all about how sharing with a friend can feel. Click here for the song. 

Sometimes we might be happy to help others, but sometimes we might rather be doing something else for ourselves. We will talk about those feelings and how sometimes we can feel both ways at the same time. I will explain the 'How Will I Lend a Hand' task to you, and have also added my own example below.