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3rd July Friday

Good morning Year 3!

I hope that you are keeping well and have had a great week so far. I have been having fun doing science with my boys at home over the past week or so, doing the same activities that I have been setting as whole school learning. We made the salty snowflakes last week and the ice cream in a bag, which was fun. Next up will be the red cabbage chemistry. If you haven't checked out the science activities for this week, do have a look on the whole school learning science page as I am sure there will be something that catches your imagination!

I have uploaded today's SPaG and maths tasks below. Choose which level of maths task you feel is best for you and complete both sheets for that level (i.e. week 1 and week 2). Please note, the answers are included in the PDF.

Have a wonderful day and join me, if you can, on the Y3 blog at 10.00 (although I will pop on throughout the day, so do come along whenever you can!). 

Mrs Clay

PS Have a lovely weekend!