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30th June Tuesday

Good morning everyone!

Today I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible  on the webinar at 10.40am. 

Please do your spelling test on Spelling Shed today or get someone to test you. Good luck! I'm still an incredibly proud teacher to have you top of the leader board and wearing the spelling shed crown!

You can also drop off your reading book packs today, if you are ready to. New books will be out for you on Thursday.



Recognise and Describe 2D Shapes

Please click on the video if you need and parts explained.

Video Recognise and Describe 2D Shapes



Today, on the webinar, I am going to read the story 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit. Do not worry if you can not make the webinar; this story is not an essential part of your English this week. I am reading it for your enjoyment only, and to deepen your understanding of the events at Pompeii.

Today, I would like you to read the newspaper article as attached - The Roman Times - Pumice pours over Pompeii. Please highlight or spot any topic words, such as Pompeii, Vesuvius, pumice, toxic gas. Basically any words that are relevant for you writing your own newspaper article about Pompeii.

I'd then like you to look at the presentation attached to remind yourself what to include in a newspaper article.

Your project work for English this week is to write a Newspaper Report, as though the volcano has recently erupted, so it needs to be written as though it was August 79AD. I will attach the success criteria for this, and a template, so you have everything you need to do this. This is your English work for 3 days. So, as a suggestion:

Today - research. Find topic words and understand what a newspaper needs.

Wednesday - Plan. Make a rough draft. What needs to go where. Have you got a pretend quote you can use to be included in your newspaper? Use the template if needed and the success criteria as a guide.

Thursday - Write out in neat / present on the computer. Email to me so I can see your efforts. 

Do not worry if you miss the book reading. You do not need to have heard the book to write the newspaper report. I will show you an example of a newspaper report that someone did last year, on the webinar.

Take care,

Mrs Willgoose x