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30th April Thursday

Hello! I hope you are all well. I will be in school today with the key worker children.


1) Lots of you came a got a copy of The Iron Man last week and a new Maths exercise book and a new lined writing exercise book. If you haven't done so yet, but would like these, then I will leave boxes of these out again. I think it might rain, so I will leave a note outside the main door, in the porch, to let you know where you can find them. Please also return copies of The Butterfly Lion if you do pop over. Please only take 1 of each, so there's enough to go round. Please also respect social distancing. They will be out between 9am and 3pm. 

2) As I'm in school today, I won't be able to approve your blog posts myself, but I will leave a question and I'll ask Mrs Scott to do so on my behalf during the day. 

Big Write feedback from last week  (also as an attachment below) ... apologies for the delay this week. I've been working really hard on preparing your learning for the next two weeks, but I have been truly amazed by the standard of the work coming in. You really are doing yourselves proud. Thank you also for all the challenge photos coming in. Some great messages and it's lovely to see your faces. If you haven't done yours yet, there's still time. 

The Iron Man Poem Big Write Feedback Form


Today starts with handwriting. Get your resources ready; either a sharp pencil, or a handwriting pen. If you don't do it on the sheet, practice writing the words as neatly and carefully as you can, joining as you go. Words to write attached below.

Please use this example of how you can join your letters.



Thursday Arithmetic:

I've attached some arithmetic (answers for your parents too). If you are not printing the questions out, write them out to answer them. 


As yesterday, please continue to play the 5 fraction activities as 2Do's on Purplemash, as revision. 

White Rose Maths - Solving Problems - Please watch the video, so you can develop understanding of problem solving methods:

Lesson 4 from Summer Term, week 2 - Solving Problems

Watch the video link for the lesson on the linked website, then attempt the questions, as attached below. Pick and choose what you have a go at. They are challenging, so maybe go away to think about it, before having another go! The answers are also there for your parents ;-)



Big Writing Feedback Form - Ch 1 poems - Please see attached below (to follow)

English - Big Write Day! Please write your diary entries today and send it to me. Take a photograph / scan and ask a grown up to send it by email to me please

I can't wait to see your diaries! I will provide feedback for these by the end of next week via a class feedback form.

BIG WRITE L.O. I can write a Diary entry

Today you will imagine that you are Hogarth and write in role explaining the events in chapter 2. Use the success criteria linked below to support your writing.

Imagine that you are Hogarth. The Iron Man has just been trapped and you are in your bedroom writing in your diary. You need to write in the past tense.

Your writing should explain what you did.

It should detail how you felt.

It could say what you feel might happen now.

You could start your writing like this –

Dear Diary, I’m not sure I did the right thing tonight.


If you are looking for further learning: 

History: The Space race continues. See Week 2 History powerpoint on website attachment. Complete the first child in space application form! See attachments below.

DT - If you have made a robot, how did it go?What did you like about your design? What would you change? Think about the questions on the DT evaluation attachment below.