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3.Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning, 

In English today I would like the children to think of questions they would like to ask the Very Messy Mermaid. All questions should start with a capital letter and end with a question mark. These questions can be written out in the books the children were provided with. Our blog today will be hosted by Twinkletail (The Very Messy Mermaid), the children can ask her the questions they have thought of in English today. The children can re watch the story from yesterday to give them ideas of what they would like to ask her. 

The blog will be on Purple Mash 10am-11am

Here is an example of questions they could ask her, or how to set the work out. I have uploaded it to the attachments below. 

Mathematics- White Rose Mathematics-Lesson 2- Recognise half

Please watch the teaching video and then do the questions.

 Link to White Rose Website

Art- Today's art is for the children to create a mermaid tail using a repeated pattern. I have uploaded a template should you wish to use it. The children could have a pattern of colour or shape on the mermaid tail. How could they make a pattern in the scales? Does the pattern go vertically or horizontally? Can the children make a different pattern at the bottom of the tail? Please use whatever media you have at home, colouring pen, pencils, paint, sequins, tissue paper, glitter etc.

The images below are to give you an idea of patterns the children could do or colours they may want to use. Once you have done your tail please email them to me at