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3.Wednesday 20th May

Good Morning Year 2, 

Mathematics- Related Facts. Video Link

English- Today I would like the children to write a draft letter to the snails friend about where he had been on his travels. See the attachment below. On the attachment I have put the photos of the story in the order they appear. Choose some of the picture to write about what happened from the snails point of view. The children do not need to write about everything that happens on the journey the snail takes but can use this document to write by the pictures they want to write about in more detail. It is up to you as to how many you choose, you know how your child works best at home. I hope that makes sense! They will use this to write their letter tomorrow. 

DT- In Design Technology we always design, make and evaluate our products. The children made their Great Barrier Reefs last week and this week I would like the children to evaluate their Great Barrier Reef. See attachment 'Evaluation of Great Barrier Reef'. They need to look back at their plan and see if they product looks like their plan. With this in mind they need to write about; what went well, what didn't go well and what they would change next time. Then if they want to make any improvement to their Great Barrier Reef they can. 

Enjoy your day, 

Mrs Osborn