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Good Morning,

Today in English we are going to continue to find out about Grace Darling. Please watch this short video about her Grace Darling Video. After watching the video please complete the Grace Darling Fact File. Make sure you write in full sentences with a range of punctuation A.,!?'

In Mathematics please look at the slides on the PowerPoint 'Describing Movements Practical'. Use the attachment 'Practical Treasure Hunt'. 

The children will use their knowledge and skills taught in the week to create their own treasure hunt. They will position their objects on 2D grids or use the one provided to write instructions on how to get to the treasure. For challenge, children may add additional items making stops along the way. At this point, children will select terminology to use such as up, down, forwards and backwards depending on the position.

Ask questions such as:
Can you place your objects on a 2D grid?
Record the movements made using your instructions.
Can you describe / record how to get from ___ to ___?
Can you find an alternative route?
How would the route change if you changed the start / end position?

This afternoon please choose a task on the whole school learning page. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn