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Good morning Year 2, 

For Mathematics today please do the sheet  'The 2 times tables' Video Link. The worksheet to support this was sent out via email. 

I have uploaded a second option if you want to try an alternative worksheet to White Rose. 

English- Today I would like you to make a plan of your leaflet to St. Ives. Watch this video on BBC Bitesize which explains the purpose of a leaflet and what to include in one. Website Link There is a short quiz after you have watched the video to see if you can remember what should be included in a leaflet.

The headings on on the leaflet can be changed just cross them out and write down a more interesting heading. Remember you want to persuade people to visit St. Ives. Look back at the work from yesterday and think about where you want to write about that in your leaflet. Use the template uploaded below to write your draft of the leaflet. Can you use any adjectives in your writing? 

Challenge for the leaflet is to use a range of conjunctions to join your sentences and see if you can use any suffixes in your writing too. I have uploaded word mats if you want to try and use these in your writing. 

Tomorrow you will be writing it up in neat, make sure you edit it when you are done. 

Please choose a task from the Whole School Learning page for today. 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn