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Good Morning, 

Please join me on teams at 8:40 to explain today's work. 

Today's phonics sound is 'ew'. Click here to see the video. Afterward have a look at the 'ew' postcard attached. Can you spot the 'ew' sounds in the postcard? 

Mathematics- Building on yesterdays's work the children will be recording subtracting crossing ten on a worksheet. There is a Power Point of the work Click here but my computer wouldn't save it with a voice over so I made a video of me demonstrating the work.  Click here to a see a video of me demonstrating today's work. The worksheet is in your new pack, I have attached it so you can see which one it is. 

Please join me at 11am on teams to create a poem as a class before they write their own. We will be writing an acrostic poem about the dark. The children can use the word 'dark' to create their poem from. Please use the word bank you created yesterday to help you. There is a sheet below called 'dark template'. 

**Edit- Below is the poem we created together on teams today. Well done everybody! **

PM- Please join me on teams at 12:40 to explain this afternoon's work. 

RE- today in RE we are learning that the parish family gather to celebrate Mass with the priest on Sunday. I would like the children to draw a picture of Father Richard and label it. Their challenge is to write down the words that are said at the beginning of mass when we make the sign of the cross. Click here to see the Power Point as a video, there is no voice over. There is a sheet attached below called 'RE' to draw their picture on. 

Computing- Click here to watch the Power Point video about keeping SMART online. There is no voice over. At the end there is a sheet attached below called 'SMART Zoobook Messenger Activity Sheet' for the children to record what they think the parrot should do following the SMART guide. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn