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3. Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good morning- happy hump day to you all. It's the middle of the week again. Click here to see if you recognise anyone!

Let's start today by completing some handwriting so that we can practice our -al spellings for this week. It is attached at the bottom of the page. You are still top of the Holy Family League on Spelling shed- keep it up!

Let's read the next part of Chapter 7 together- click here to read along with me.

Today we are going to think about descriptive writing- I know for lots of you it is your favourite type of writing. When writing about the  fireworks, Phillip Pullman had to really think about creating a picture with his words. That is what descriptive writing is all about. I have attached a powerpoint at the bottom of the page for you to follow before you start your writing.

Start your maths today by practising some addition and subtraction calculations. They are attached at the bottom of the page. Your main task today is all about reflection- so it might help to have a small mirror handy (not for you to admire yourself in- for your maths). Click here to watch a video to help you. The resource sheets are attached at the bottom of the page. I have added an extra page of shape reflections to complete if you have time. 

Have a wonderful day- work hard and enjoy your home learning.