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3. Wednesday 6th May

Hello and good morning!

Start this lovely Hump Day Wednesday off by practising your spellings using the handwriting sheet.

Then join me to read the next part of Chapter 3- click here

This is your BIG WRITE feedback from your diary writing last week- I am going to email your parents with this sheet and I will add my comment for your writing the the comment box. Don't forget to do your edit tasks- tickled oink and green for growth.

Today is a little bit different as we are going to do our BIG WRITE, as Friday is a Bank Holiday. We have been looking at how tourists effect Mount Snowdon. Today I would like you to write a balanced argument to show how visitors help the area but also how it can become damaged.

We watched a great video yesterday that gave you lots of fabulous ideas and some great vocabulary. Remember to expand on your ideas to explain what you mean. Look at the success criteria below before you start so that you know what I will be looking for when you send me your writing. I have attached a great sheet of sentence stealers for you to use- it's at the bottom of the page. Remeber to look back at your plan from yesterday and it would be a good idea to look back an watch the video again.

Success Criteria

  • Introduce what you are writing about in the first paragraph
  • Use conjunctions (in addition, furthermore, however, consequently etc.)
  • Include arguments against
  • Sum up your own thoughts in the concluding paragraph

As we are not doing any home learning on Friday ask someone to test you on your spellings today.

Maths- Follow the link to today's lesson 3 it is to Divide with Remainders. The worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.