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3. Wednesday 3rd June

1. Poetry- seaside poems

Objective: answer questions about poems. Read the Yo Ho Ho poem and look at the punctuation that is used. Why is this punctuation used? Choose the comprehension task at a suitable level to your child. 1 star is the easiest, 3 stars is the hardest. Challenge: can you write some questions about a seaside poem from yesterday's powerpoint? Make sure you use a question mark.

2. Maths

Please only do one choice! It will be more than enough.

Choice 1: White rose maths (activity attached below)

Choice 2: use the powerpoint attached on Monday's page and work your way through fluency questions (slides 19-22) from Lesson 3- Describe Position (1). Then complete activity below. Finally, complete reasoning questions from lesson powerpoint as a plenary/ consolidation of todays learning (slide 23). 

3. RE

Please complete the RE learning from our shared learning page. The theme is Pentecost this week. Holy Family whole school learning projects


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects

Our Thursday story:

The Selfish Crocodile read by Miss Hodson

Homework: maths. Count to 100 and complete the hundred square below. For more practise play a game on TopMarks using numbers to 100