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3. Wednesday 24th June

Good Morning Year 2, 

Today in Mathematics we will be learning to sort 3D shapes Video Link. Please complete the sheet sorting shapes that was emailed to you.

If you want to try something different today try the sheets below in the attachments 'Worksheet Sort 3D shapes' The sheets have different stars at the top of the page, complete the 2 star sheet unless your child was in the hexagon group then do the 3 star sheet (they will remember what group they were in). The last page of the attachment are problem solving and reasoning cards, in class I would give the children half of the sheet to try. I hope they enjoy this. Or you can do the 'Activity-3D shape sort'. 

For English today- I would like the children to complete the Story Map of the story the 'Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. Tomorrow the children will be using this to write the story from one of the characters point of view, the children can choose from the cat (Hamish), Mr Grinling or Mrs Grinling. The boxes at the bottom are to draw pictures of what happened at different parts of the story in order they happened. The children could add in thought bubbles and think about how the character, they are retelling it from, would be feeling at that part of the story. 

This afternoon, please choose a subject task from the whole school learning page. 

Mrs Osborn