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3. Wednesday 20th May 2020

It's HUMP DAY! Wednesday is my favourite day. Don't forget to send me a ten second video so I can make a class video of us all doing silly things. Thank you to all of you who have already sent me a snippet.

Let's start the day with some handwriting- we are using our spelling words to practise handwriting and improve spellings. 

Here is your feedback from your biography last week. I have attached it in the resources at the bottom of the page. I will send you your own comments for feedback this week too. 

Today we are going to write our suspense story. I suggested that for your plan you use the end of Chapter 4 where Lila is about to enter the Grotto of the Fire Fiend. Use your plan this morning to write your suspense story. The mind map of features that you included made on Monday will remind you of the things that you need to include. 

Your success criteria for this story is listed here, as you are writing check that you are including these things:

  • I have used different types of sentence (compound, complex and simple).
  • I have used speech and punctuated it mostly accurately.
  • I have used varied sentence openers.
  • I have used paragraphs correctly most of the time.
  • I have used short snappy sentences.
  • I have added atmosphere using the senses.
  • I have used a range of punctuation including an ellipsis.

I have added a great word bank of words and phrases that you could use in your writing. It is in the resources at the bottom of the page.

For maths today start by a session on TT Rockstars. Our maths video today to add mixed numbers- click here to watch the video. The questions for you to complete are at the bottom of the page, I have added an extra page of questions if you have some extra time to complete them.

Your reading challenge for today is to think about which character

in your book you are most like and why. You could use

the book that you are reading or The Firework Maker's Daughter.