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3. Wednesday 15th July 2020

Good morning Year 5- it is our last hump day together and i'm really pleased that I will see all of you today. I will see the children who come to school in the day and I will see our fabulous home learners at 3:30. part of our session this afternoon will be in Year 5 and part of it will be in Year 6- Mrs Holt is looking forward to seeing you all too.

Take a look at our final gallery- you will see some of the great caricatures that you have all done at home and at school. Send me a picture of your doodle thoughts that you did yesterday and we can all see what we have done. 

So let's get some work done for today...

Our focus today is friendship- it is one of the most important elements of school life. It is all something that we have all missed in the second half of this year when some of us have been learning in school and some of us have been learning from home. It is very hard to be separated from your friends. 

All the tasks I want you to complete are on your planner for today. Task 4 we will do together when I see you later- I shall keep it secret until later. For task one there are some storyboard template at the bottom of the page, there is a variety of storyboards, choose the one you would like to use. Alternatively you could draw your own storyboard in your book.

Please bring your memory book with you this afternoon.

There are also some maths tasks to complete, the resources are attached at the bottom of the page. Today we are looking at units of time. Click here to watch a video to help you.

Have a lovely day, work hard and enjoy!