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3. Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Year 2,

Today in mathematics I would like you to try a practical activity. See presentation 'lesson 3. Children should now be confident working out how long an event have lasted in minutes. They will now progress to working out how long events have lasted for durations of hours and minutes. Children may find it easier to count the hours passed before moving onto counting the minutes. They will be presented with various contexts and scenarios to find durations.  

Ask questions such as:
What is the start time?
What is the end time?
How much time has passed?
How did you work this out? Is there another method?
How can you check your answers?

Use the attachment 'Practical- Find durations'. Children will select a start time card and an end time card. They will use their knowledge of time to work out the duration of the events.

Choose a star worksheet depending on how confident your child is with time.

★☆☆ - Developing: Children will find durations of time involving multiples of 10 only.

★★☆ -  Secure: Children will find durations of time involving multiples of 5 only.

★★★ - Mastery: Children will find durations of time involving any number of ones.

In English I would like the children to write their story 'Katie and the Seaside'. They need to use their planning sheet to help them write the story. 

Things to include:

  • Write in the third person
  • Describe the character and setting
  • Use a range of punctuation
  • Edit your story when you have finished

This afternoon please choose a task from the Whole School Learning Page. 

Mrs Osborn