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3. Wednesday 10th June

1. St Ives

Objective: start making a booklet about St Ives. Your booklet will have three Headings: about St Ives, places to stay and eat, things to do. Today you are going to decorate your front cover and write your 'About St. Ives' section of the booklet. Use your research from yesterday and this information to help you. Draw pictures and decorate however you'd like to.

2. Maths

Go through slides 28-31. If you have some coins at home given them to your child and ask them to make the amounts shown on slide 32.

Activity: complete questions a-j on the counting coins sheet. Then try and make up at least 4 of the piggy bank amounts. This can be done through drawing or using real coins.

Challenge/ plenary: Investigation, how many different ways can you make 50p?

3. RE

Please complete the RE learning from our shared learning page. Holy Family whole school learning projects


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects

Homework: maths. Partition the numbers given using tens and ones. (e.g. 54 has 5 tens and 4 ones). We draw tens as a straight line and ones as dots. You could use household objects like a piece of spaghetti to represent ten and a mint to represent one if you want to do this practically.

Tens and Ones - Common Core Aligned Worksheets for first graders ...