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3. Wednesday

Good Morning, 

Phonics today is the alternative sound for the grapheme 'ea' as in 'h-ea-d'. 

Click here  to see the Letters and Sounds Video. 

Please join Mrs Hadley on Teams at 8:40 to explain the English work. 

Click here to see Mrs Hadley explain today's English task, you will be writing a letter from Shen to her friend telling them about her magic paintbrush. There is a lantern lined letter template to write on and Mrs Hadley would like you to use the big write self checking tool as well. There is also a word mat should you need it. All of these documents are attached below, these were not in your pack. 

I will be on Teams at 9:30 and 9:45 to hear today's readers. 

Please join me on Teams at 11 to explain the Mathematics.

In Mathematics we will be learning to count in two's. Click here to listen and join in to a counting by 2's song. 

Play the 'Paint the Squares' game Click here count in 2's and paint the squares of the multiples of 2, see if you notice a pattern. 

Then complete the worksheet 'Count in 2's Wednesday'. This was in your pack that was sent home. I have attached it below as well. 


This afternoon I would like you to complete your Connect lesson and some art, making a Chinese Lantern. Please join me on Teams at 12:40 to explain this afternoon's tasks. 


Click here to find out more information about Chinese New Year, pay special attention to the Chinese Lanterns. 

In Art today I would like you to make a Chinese lantern  Click here to see the Power Point about Chinese Lantern Festival. There is no voice over. Click here to see how you make a Chinese Lantern. You will need red card, PVA glue, scissors, glitter or sequins, ribbon and stick tape. If you do not have glitter or red card you could use white instead and decorate it with coloured pens. There is an attachment below also of a template if you need it. The Power Points are also below if you would prefer to view them that way. 

Your challenge is, once you have made your Chinese lantern see if you can make up a riddle to go on the bottom of your lantern. Please bring these back to school with you on Monday so we can hang them up in the classroom. 


Due to our exciting cooking lesson tomorrow afternoon, we are going to do our Connect lesson today instead. There is no Teams call for this, instead I explain your task in this video. 

Don't forget to marinate your chicken tonight for your cooking lesson tomorrow:

Marinade is made up of:

320g of mini chicken fillet or chicken breasts (baby corn or sliced carrots for the vegetarian option). 
1 tbsp sesame oil
2tbsp soya sauce
1 tsp sugar

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn