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3. Wednesday

Good morning, 

Here is the link to the phonics session today we are learning the alternative sound for the 'c' as in 'm-i-c-e'. Click here to watch the letters and sounds video. 

Please join Mrs Hadley on Teams at 8:40 to explain this morning's Mathematics. 

Click here to see Mrs Hadley's Power Point video. Today you will be comparing objects within 50. You will be able to write them both ways using the < > comparison symbols. (The sheets were in you pack and they are attached below). 

I will be on Teams at 9:30 and 9:45 to hear today's readers. 

Please join me on Teams at 11 to explain today's English work.

Today we will be writing the story about the Chinese Zodiac. You can either do this as a story board or writing it freely onto a piece of paper. Please make sure this is the best piece of writing you have done.


  • Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • Adjectives to describe the animals or how they were feeling
  • See if you can add a question mark to your writing by asking a question

I can't wait to see your wonderful writing:) 

Both templates are attached. 'Story Board Chinese New Year' and 'Chinese New Year Paper Lined'. I have also attached a word mat too. These were not in your pack. 

Please join me on Teams at 12:40 to announce my stars of the day, phonics input and to demonstrate this afternoon's Art. 

This afternoon we will be using our paper plates and blue pens (from your packs) to create a willow pattern on our plates. Click here to watch the willow pattern story and to get some inspiration of how to decorate your plate. 


Here is the song I read out on Teams:

" Two birds flying high, 

A Chinese vessel, sailing by, 

A bridge with three men, sometimes 4. 

A willow tree, hanging o'er. 

A Chinese temple, there it stands, 

An apple tree, with apples on, 

A crooked fence to end my song."

Have a great day, 

Mrs Osborn and Mrs Hadley