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3. Wednesday

Good Morning Year 1, 


Please join me on teams at 8:40 to explain this morning's work. 

Phonics- Today we are learning the split vowel digraph 'i-e'. Click here to watch the video. 

Mathematics today Click here to see the Power Point video from Mrs Hadley. Please see the sheets below. Today the children will be using a bar model to write fact families. **edit-I have just added the match up activity sheets below Mrs Hadley mentions in the Power Point. 

Please join me at 11 to explain today's English task. 

Today we will be writing a wanted poster for the UFO that landed in our playground. We need to warn the children and staff at school about it. Use lots of adjectives to describe it so they know what to look for. 

**Edit** Here is the wanted poster we created together on teams today.


For Mental Health week, I thought it would be nice for the children to have a screen free afternoon. I will not be on teams at 12:40 instead please start the art work below. 

Art- Today in art we will be listening to the music 'The Planets Suite' by the composer Gustav Holst. Each track represents a different planet. I would like the children to listen to the music whilst creating a piece of Art. There is no expectation of what the picture should look like, just listen to the music and let yourself get creative with what you hear. You can use paint, pencils, crayons, any media you wish to use. I can't wait to see what you create. Please send me a picture and write down which piece of music you used to create your picture. 

You can find the music on YouTube  click here

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn