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2nd July Thursday

Good morning everyone! How are you all? Mrs Willgoose is smiling this morning. I've received some amazing pieces of work this past week or two, and I've really enjoyed looking at it. Keep up all the great work! Most importantly, whatever you are doing, make sure you are learning as you go! The best learning happens when you don't even realise you are learning!

How is your newspaper article coming along? Mighty Mount Vesuvius destroying the city of Pompeii. I've discovered this week that Leon's Nan has visited the ruins of Pompeii. I've decided that I must add it to my must visit list of places!

Don't forget about Times Tables Rockstars! Get ready for Year 4, as Year 4 is a big 'times tables' year, and it will make your life a lot easier if you're a professional at your tables when you reach Year 4! 

I've received some lovely emails from Ruby on Purplemash. She has sent me an email containing some of her work that she has created on Purplemash, as well as a brilliant game that she made for Emilia and I. What a lucky teacher I am! Such thoughtful children, all of you. Maybe you can try to send an email on there too? Or visit the blog if you can and leave a comment on one of the posts. I see people leave messages now and then, and I'm sure replies put a smile on people's faces, which we're the best at doing. 

Maths today - It's time to put aside your digital watches and try to learn to tell the time using a clock face, using the language of minutes past the hour and minutes to the next hour! Have a go. How do you do? Don't give up and you'll find it easier each time you tell the time. 

Tell the Time to 5 Minutes

Video Tell the Time to 5 Minutes

I've also added a multiplication wheel for you to have a go at. 


Take a look at The Rainbow Games (email with instructions and score sheet and video from Mr Seuke sent to your parents) and have a go at the different challenges and send me your scores. Mr. Seuke is very keen that everyone has a go, as we can't be together for sports, we can do it virtually, like a virtual sports day! Good luck!

Thank you Year 3 and take care,

See you next week, I hope. 

Mrs Willgoose x