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2nd April 2020

The last day of Mrs Willgoose's lessons before the Easter break. Mrs Clay will be here tomorrow. Please make sure you do the Maths and English tasks each day. Have a wonderful Easter break. I know it will be different, but keep looking for all the things you are thankful for. For me, I'm getting better at ICT and computing, I'm looking at the stars more, and I've got time to watch the birds coming to the garden. I'm also enjoying, although challenging, homeschooling Emilia! For Easter, we'll be having a rest and having more fun. 

Maths - please look at fractions of a Set of Objects (3). Please click on the link to watch the teaching video. Questions for you, and answers for your parents are attached below. 

Step 9 - Fractions of a set of objects (3)   (See Week 2, Lesson 4 video clip - Fractions of a set of objects (3) )


Please read the rest of The Butterfly Lion; 'And the Lion Shall Lie Down with the Lamb' and 'Adonis Blues.'

Do we find out the school boy's name?

Is the ending how you expected?

Has it left you guessing?

Please write a book review of 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo

Feel free to use your own headings and subheadings, or you may wish you use a book review template, either to guide, or to write onto.

Religious Education

As we prepare for Easter, I would like you to read through the scripture, which is the scripture we would be covering at school, and think about the questions, as detailed on the RE Learning Holy Week document. At the end of this document, I have asked you to find items to prepare for your own Stations of the Cross at home (you could just prepare today by getting all the items) and also consider making your own cross, presented in a different way. Both of these learning activities are detailed on the PDF's below, provided by Wintershall.


Spelling Shed news .... Wow! We're in 2nd place with a whopping score of 133,797,020! 18 children in the top 50! And boys, might it be fair to say that you're wonderfully competitive?! The boys take the 6 top spots! Well done Santiago, Jack J, Louie, Charlie, Beau and Edward! Amount of boys overall in the top fifty: - 10. Well done Theo, Nicholas, Oskar and Jack B. Amount of girls in the top fify: 8. Well done Maisy, Amy, Siobhan, Ruby, Darcey, Maya, Mia and Claudia. How amazing are we going to be as spellers when we get back to school. I've left an assignment for you to have a go with. If you're ok with it, get back on to Stage 3 and 4 words, but if you're finding them challenging enough, stick with them, as it might sort out a few spelling niggles for you. :-)

Blog today at 10.45. Mrs Scott or myself will see you there!