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28th April Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday. I'm writing this on Monday, and I believe the weather is set to change and that we'll be waking up to rain, which will be a shock to all of us, after all the lovely days of weather!

I also filmed this video to you all on my daily walk.

Weekly Video Mrs Willgoose 27th April

So, today I'd like you to do the following English and Maths for me, but most importantly for you, to keep that amazing brain of yours ticking along, healthy and happy:


The spelling test for me on Spelling Shed. Don't worry if you're finding them really difficult. Just do your best, as we have to practise many times, and get things wrong many times, before we can succeed. 


The Hawk Girl Times Table Challenge, as attached below. Just practise; maybe challenge Hawk Girl another time if you can't beat her time yet! No need to print. Just do it verbally, see how far you get against Hawk Girl's time, when there is an older sibling / adult around. 



Lesson 2 from Summer Term, week 2 - Subtract Fractions

Watch the video link for the lesson on the linked website, then attempt the questions, as attached below. Write them out in your book - no need to print. The answers are also there for your parents.



L.O. I can use conjunctions (linked to Mrs Clay's Grammar lesson)

Today children start to show their understanding of events in the story and characters reactions and feelings. They will make 'wanted' posters for the Iron Man with a focus on using conjunctions.

The 'Wanted' poster  must tell the reader what the Iron Man looks like and what he has done.

To use connectives / conjunctions:  and, but, so, however, because, etc.  in sentences. Have a look at the following suggestions and the example poster attached below.

E.G. Usually his eyes are blue, however.....

He is stomping through our countryside and ...

So that we may be safe again, this wicked monster must be caught. 


You can either use the 'Wanted' template below, design your own straight onto paper, or type on Purplemash (I've set it as a 2Do, in case you choose to do it on Purplemash. 


Other learning, if you're feeling inspired, and there is time:

Research on the websites linked, especially good if a laptop is free and it's raining away:


Design Technology: 

Today, (or if you do your crafts outside - wait until the weather is better another day) can you make your model robot that you designed and thought about last week?  They'll be fantastic, because you designed them! Save the evaluation for tomorrow!


Just a reminder, if you're looking for another rainy day activity

See 'Year Groups'  -  'Staff Lockdown Challenges' 

Can you do the same for this week?  Write or paint a special message for your friends at school and ask somebody to take a picture of you with your message. Email your picture to me  and next week I will make a special page on the website with all your messages on. Have fun!