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23rd April Thursday

Hello! I hope you are all well. I will be in school today with the key worker children.

This means 2 things: 

1) If you'd like one, I will leave out a box of copies of The Iron Man book for you to take and borrow, outside school in the main porch area, near the offices - probably on the grass, if the weather is fine. Please return copies of The Butterfly Lion if you do pop over. I will also leave a box with squared exercise books for Maths if you need it, in and a box of lined exercise books in for writing / English / topic work, if you need it. Please only take 1 of each, so there's enough to go round. Please also respect social distancing. They will be out between 9am and 3pm. If your family are self-isolating, please email me and I will try to drop these off to you on my way home. Please give me your address as well, to save me looking it up! If you miss out this week, I will repeat next Thursday, when I am in again. 

2) As I'm in school today, I won't be able to approve your blog posts until later in the day. I will still put up a question, but I won't be on there to approve your posts so they become visible, until later in the day.

Right, let's get started ...

OK, back to today. Today starts with handwriting. Get your resources ready; either a sharp pencil, or a handwriting pen. If you don't do it on the sheet, practice writing the words as neatly and carefully as you can, joining as you go. Words to write attached below.

Please use this example of how you can join your letters.



Thursday Arithmetic:

I've attached some arithmetic (answers at end of it for your parents). If you are not printing the questions out, write them out to answer them. 

Thursday White Rose:

Week 1 Lesson 4 - Order fractions

Watch the video on the  link below and then see today's work as attached below.


 English - Big Write Day! Please write your poems today and send it to me. Take a photograph / scan and ask a grown up to send it by email to me please

I can't wait to see your poems! I will provide feedback for these by the beginning of next week via a class feedback form.

L.O. I can write a poem about the Iron Man.

Today children will use all the skills they have practised this week to create their own poems about the Iron Man.

You will be writing a simile and question poem today about the Iron Man. Look back over what you have found out about The Iron Man throughout the week, including the similes and questions you have used. Take some of these ideas to create verses of a poem. You will write 3 lines in each verse. Here is the success criteria which you need to try and do:




Steps to success





1.   I have written a title




2. Each verse has 3 lines




3. I have used interesting words




4. The first line is a simile




5. The second line is a question




6. The third line is a repeated line




7. I have written 4 verses




8. I have left a line between each



There is some special paper to write them on, if you would like to use it. Otherwise, write on your own paper. Remember to give your poem a title and say who it is by. 

The first line will be something you know about the Iron Man in the form of a simile.

The second line will be a question.

The third line will be the same in each verse – a repeated line.


Taller than a skyscraper.

Who made him?

Nobody Knows.


Children share and critique their poems against Success Criteria.



Our new topic for Year 3 is called 'Energy.' It is a theme about PENTECOST and SERVING

Today, we shall start by EXPLORING what this means in our own life.

Each of us, by the way we live our lives, the way we treat others, and by our words and actions, show if we have an attitude of service. Often, we are especially influenced by those whose actions speak powerfully of a life of service.

  1. Think of someone who impresses you deeply because of the way she/he lives.
  2. What is it that impresses you?
  3. What do you think inspires them?

Task: Write and draw about someone you admire who is living a life of service to others. Think about the questions above. I'd love to see some of your work. 

It can be a famous person, living or no longer alive, or someone you know who helps others, like a nurse. Mother Teresa for example or someone maybe who is helping during this time when we are being asked to stay at home. 

Have a great day. It'll be Mrs Clay uploading for you tomorrow, so I shall see you next week. I'll upload spelling shed results for this week on the Spelling Shed tab later this evening!