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23. Wednesday 20th May

Phonics- follow a lesson from our Phonics page. Remember to follow them in order and if you have watched all of the lessons try practising an alternative spelling for one of the sounds. (Remember to look at the alternative spellings of sounds too!) 20 mins

Writing- plan a letter, this might be better done in a storyboard/ mind map. Write down where the snail visited and what it did there. 30-40 min

Maths- activity attached below 30-40 mins. Additionally complete arithmetic 20. 10-15 mins

Science- look at the vertebrates or invertebrates powerpoint. Then play vertebrate or invertebrates dominoes to consolidate learning.

RE- NEW TOPIC Reconciliation.

We have choice, sometimes we use it well and sometimes we make wrong choices.

Tell the story I’m Sorry by Sam McBratney (attached below) a story about making a wrong choice or something similar.  What happens as a consequence?  Talk about the situations where we have to choose what to do and how sometimes we make good choices – good for others and for ourselves – and sometimes we make wrong choices which make others and ourselves unhappy. Talk about how it is sometimes hard to say sorry when you have made a wrong choice – and sometimes it can be hard to forgive someone else when their choice hurts you.

Activity: children to sort cards below into ‘good choices/wrong choices’ and talk about what is happening in each picture

Homework- maths number challenge