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22nd April Wednesday

Good morning everybody :-)

Today it's time to start learning your new spellings. I shall put them on spelling shed, but please have a look at the powerpoint first, as attached below. In it, Mr Whoops has been juggling with some of your spelling words for this week. Can you work to figure out what they might be? Don’t forget that they’ll all have either a ‘que’ (/k/ sound) or a ‘gue’ (/g/ sound). I shall also put extra spelling resources to do with this week's spellings below, if you'd like to use them. Your test will be set next Tuesday on Spelling Shed. Well done to everyone who went on Spelling Shed yesterday .... you are stars! I've put lots more on there for you to get your teeth stuck into. By the way, we're currently 2nd, but I'm really impressed with a number of boys who have been making a sterling effort on there! Girls, I can see you too. Great work to all!

On Purplemash, I have set you 'Fraction Wall', as part of your Wednesday's Maths work. It has levels of difficulty. Start at the easiest, and progress up. You have to slot in the fraction shapes; to try and make a fraction whole. It seems quite fun! I have also put a couple of other things on Purplemash, but remember to spend time on your main Maths and English tasks as a priority. 

Maths Lesson 3 - Compare fractions

Watch the video on the above link and then see today's work as attached below.


English -  (2 smaller tasks)

L.O. I can ask questions about a character

Today children are encouraged to think more deeply about the Iron Man and generate questions about him. These will be used as the bases for their poems. 

Sorting activity. Children to organise ideas into what we know and what we don’t know. Can children think of any more questions of their own, to add to the grid? See English Masters Document

L.O. I can use similes to describe the Iron Man.

Re read the description of the iron man. What has the author used to help you visualise the Iron Man? Discuss what a simile is. (A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two different things, usually by using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’. They are used to make a direct comparison – i.e. His eyes like headlamps). They need to be good comparisons, i.e. “His arms were as long as a chip” “He was as tall as a mushroom” Why are these not  good similes?

What similes can the children find in the text? What similes can the children think of as their own?

Write these similes, including their own, for the image of the Iron Man. See English Masters Document


Computing linked to The Iron Man

Just for fun, (Linked to your D.T. project and The Iron Man) pretend you are a robot that is all broken. Treasure hunt around home of all your pieces that you have collected for your robot design. Can you write down / orally say the instructions / algorithm to find the different parts of your robot?


– The Space Race. Ted Hughes wrote The Iron Man during a time when space was really beginning to be explored. This is known as The Space Race. In this topic we will be finding out more about this.

Week 1: Origins of the space race and early achievements (Sputnik 1 The World’s 1st satellite 1957 Russia). Look at Week 1 History powerpoint on website attachment. Draw sputnik 1 in space. Label the picture with anything you have found out.

Enjoy your day! It's Big Write time tomorrow!